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Awake a Sleeping Giant

The Catholic Conference of New York State, which represents Edward Cardinal Egan and other New York Bishops in Albany, is putting together a voter’s guide to lay out where candidates for statewide offices and the legislature stand on 10 or 12 issues important to the Church, such as ABORTION, GAY MARRIAGE, TAXES, EDUCATION TAX CREDIT, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, and other SOCIAL ISSUES. “This information will be distributed to parishes across the state and priests will be encouraged to spread the word.”

This article appeared in the New York Daily News of Thursday, July 11th, 2006.

While the Church “can’t explicitly endorse a candidate”, it can “make a candidate’s views known and let Catholics in the pews decide for themselves.” After all, New York’s 7 million Catholics, who represent 42% of the State voters, should be entitled to a better representation of their views and aspirations in the New York State Legislature, especially in the Assembly, whose current majority of members oppose most of the issues supported by the Catholic Conference.

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