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Why I Run

While I wholeheartedly agree with Stuart Mirsky, candidate for the Assembly in the 23rd Assembly District, I would like to add some other aspects of WHY I RUN that he does not mention in his otherwise politically correct article.

First of all, let me state that candidates run for office definitely because they disagree with the standing of the incumbent on issues of interest to them. This is enough to trigger the motivation to run for office in certain people. Obviously, another immediate reason is for the challenger to belong to a different political party.

As for the ability to raise funds is concerned, there is no doubt that an incumbent has the advantage against the challenger. While money is another important ingredient to a political campaign, I have had many opportunities to publicize my candidacy and the issues by working very hard. I have been canvassing my district, and I have been gratified to discover that many voters do not really like the incumbent, but they continue to vote for him because they “have never met the challeger.”

The message to all fellow candidates challenging incumbents is very simple: Work hard, ring doorbells, leave your literature with all the people that you talk to, and in the mailboxes of all the others. You certainly have plenty of time to get around the district. It is cheap, and much more effective than expensive mailing that end up in the wastepaper basket.

Victory is out there at a reachable distance!


Lucretia Regina-Potter
Assembly Candidate – 49th AD

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