Lucretia Announces 2008 Run for State Assembly in the 49th AD

Posted on April 15th, 2008

49 AD Republican District Leader Lucretia Regina-Potter has recently announced her candidacy for the New York State Assembly.

Surrounded by a large group of friends and supporters, Lucretia stated that it is about time that the people of the 49 Assembly District elect a new representative of the community in Albany. “When elected, I will be the first Republican woman to be elected to the New York State Assembly from the 49th Assembly District in the borough of Brooklyn, and I will also become the first Republican woman from within the other four boroughs in the City of New York as well. This election will become a historical event. I will also be better qualified to represent every family in all matters regarding our children and the cost of education, both public and private”.

“Several private schools have been forced to close down and soon others are expected to close as well, disrupting the lives of many families and causing many unnecessary problems. I would also like to ask, and you should too: Where was my opponent when Victory Memorial Hospital was being closed? The hospital may be geographically outside the 49 Assembly District, but the greatest majority of its patients came from the 49 AD,” continued Lucretia.

“As the Republican District Leader of the 49th AD, I have dealt with many quality of life issues that have been submitted to me by many people from our community, Many more problems need to be addressed and I will do that as a Member of the New York State Assembly”.

“My opponent’s support of abortion on demand, and use of public funds for such an inhumane act is in net contrast to other more civilized forms of dealing with this problem such as education, prevention, and adoption”.

“His endorsement of Hillary Clinton as the candidate for President of the United States is another indication that he is not going to change or even modify his stand on this and other issues. Whoever the Democratic
candidate for President is going to be in November, either Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama, my opponent shares their stand and views on these and other important issues”.

Lucretia Regina-Potter is endorsed by the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, the Conservative Party, and the NYS Right–to-Life Committee.

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