Letting the Community Down Where It Counted

Posted on July 27th, 2008

The next time you see my opponent, ask him if passing legislation to benefit civil service employees is more important than protecting the interests of our community.

According to a recent investigative press report, Peter Abbate went out of his way to sponsor, introduce and pass legislation that increases the pension benefits for civil service employees whose unions contribute “big bucks” to his re-election committee. Over the years, he has been able to accumulate close to half of a million dollars in reported contributions. On the contrary, under his tenure as an Assemblyman, Victory Memorial Hospital has closed, and two parochial schools have closed down with another closing by the end of this school year.

It seems to me that his priorities are all screwed up. While all employees (not just those who belong to unions that contribute to his election) deserve more benefits, the people of our community were not included in his agenda. Perhaps Mr. Abbate has no idea on how to deal with the problems of our community. As a concerned parent, with a family to raise and take care of, I know very well of the sacrifices and difficulties that people in our district have. Do you, Mr. Abbate?

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