Attack of the Apparently Lost and Confused Assemblyman

Posted on September 24th, 2008

While most Brooklynites can rest assured that their elected officials at the very least know where their constituents live, it appears that we can have no such confidence here in the 49th. So far this year (meaning from January of 2008 until now) Peter Abbate has appropriated over $7 million in discretionary “pork-barrel” spending up in Albany. All of that money comes of course from your tax dollars, and is enough to make most “tax and spend” legislators in Albany blush. So, one must ask, “where is this money being spent Assemblyman?” The unfortunate answer is that over $1 million of that total went to Columbia University and the New York University School of Dentistry. Now while these may be fine institutions, they simply aren’t in our district, and what business does Mr. Abbate have spending over a million of our tax dollars in a way which does not benefit our immediate community at all? Wouldn’t it have been better to fight for a million dollars in less taxes for the hard working people of our community?

Well, while that may be the obvious answer to you and me, Mr. Abbate is apparently lost and confused. I suppose after spending 22 years in office and doing so little for the community you serve, you just forget where that community even is. So, while we anxiously await Columbia University and NYU campuses on 18th Avenue and Fort Hamilton Parkway (respectively of course) we can vote for someone in November who at least knows where the 49th Assembly District is. And we can all be sure that Lucretia Regina-Potter would offer a lot more than just sound geography as our Assemblywoman.

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