Whose Assemblyman is he Anyway?

Posted on September 24th, 2008

For twenty-two years, I have been under the impression that Peter Abbate was the Assemblyman of the 49th Assembly District, and many of you have thought this, too. Judging from his, at times, “colorful” newsletters, sent and produced at taxpayer’s expense, one would get that impression: WRONG! He is very proud to have been able to secure millions of dollars for organizations outside our district!

According to his slogan, “Fighting for the Working Families of the 49th AD,” while he, as usual, takes credit for everything that takes place in Albany, and in our neighborhood, he claims to have done all of this single handedly. This sounds a little suspicious to me, being a neighbor of yours and a life-time resident of Bath Beach. I am also the candidate for the New York Sate Assembly in the 49th AD. Many of you who have met me, and/or know me and my family, have shown sincere and genuine interest in my candidacy.

Let us analyze some of his claims. He claims to have helped in giving the families of the 49th AD a child tax credit. What he does not tell you is that during his tenure as our Assemblyman (a long tenure of 22 years) not one, not two, but three parochial schools in the 49th AD have closed.

He also fails to tell you that our area has deteriorated economically, as is shown by the numerous “FOR RENT” signs of small “mom & pop” businesses in the 49th AD. Furthermore, the closing of Victory Memorial Hospital, another disastrous event in our area, left all of us without an emergency room near our homes. Ask all the parents that were inconvenienced by the school closing, or the store owners who lost their businesses, or all those people in our area whose children and perhaps themselves were delivered in the medical facilities of Victory Memorial Hospital and/or used its services for themselves or other relatives and friends; they certainly would not be sympathetic towards Mr. Abbate.

In conclusion, since I am a Bath Beach resident, I suggest that we all show Mr. Abbate that we do not fall for his exaggerations and tall tales. By electing me the first woman to ever represent the 49th Assembly District in Albany, I pledge to you that I will continue to represent Bath Beach and the rest of the ENTIRE 49th Assembly District in Albany. After all, isn’t that what our Assemblyman is paid to do?


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