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Keeping The Albany Grinches Out of Your Pocket This Holiday Season: Reforming the Holiday Bonus Tax

Lucretia Regina-Potter, declared candidate for New York State Assembly from the 49th Assembly District, has released the following statement in response to “In Defense of Big Bonuses” from Courier Life’s “Ahoy Matey” column published on November 17, 2009

“The dysfunction in Albany must end.  Assemblyman Peter J. Abbate, a 20+ year incumbent, and his Albany cronies are brazenly boasting about the whopping 40% in taxes they take from your Holiday bonus!

We are all doing our best to get through these tough times, but CEO’s of large corporations aren’t the only ones who get year-end bonuses. Plenty of people right here in our own neighborhood, who are fortunate enough to receive a year-end bonus, and who undoubtedly worked very hard all year,use what little they do get to pay bills and possibly bless the family during the Holiday season.

Most of us do not realize that even the smallest bonus gets taxed at a whopping 40%, no matter how small your income is! That’s according to the supplemental wage withholding tax requirement, which one might more aptly call the Holiday Bonus Tax.

This is a tax issue our legislators should have looked into a long time ago. Instead, they gloat over how they will tax us to fix their budget mess. What should we expect from incumbents who cannot get laid off, even when they max out the taxpayer’s credit card again and again? People like that do not understand what we have to do to make ends meet.

One of the reforms I would introduce immediately when elected to the NY State Assembly is middle-class tax relief. This would include certain exemptions for year-end bonuses from the Holiday Bonus Tax. I will also vote against any irresponsible state budget that is not balanced, so we can stop the grinches in Albany from raiding our wallets and taking our hard-earned money, especially during the Holiday season.”

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Thanksgiving Food Drive a Success!


With the approach of the Thanksgiving Holiday, the members of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, with offices located at 8024 17th Avenue, collected food for the less fortunate people of our community. The food was donated to the Reaching Out Community Services Inc. Food Pantry Program, located at 7708 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn N.Y. 11214 which will be distributed by the hard-working volunteers of the organization.

Under the guidance of Tom Neve, Reaching Out Inc. provides much needed services for low income individuals and families in our area. Reaching Out Inc. operates a Supermarket Style Food Pantry, and helps its clients to file for food stamps, social security and housing. They supply a clothing room for those who are in need of clothing. Reaching Out also provides classes on Nutrition, Free Income Tax Assistance, Summer Tutoring Classes, Operation Gobbler, as well as the Operation Christmas Smiles program and more.

“This non-profit, charitable, community service organization, deserves the support and assistance of all community members and all elected officials regardless of their Party affiliation.” stated Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District. “Hunger is an evil on society that applies to all its members, independently of their political or ideological beliefs,” she continued. “During my visit at the headquarters of Reaching Out Inc., I was pleased to see the dedication of the many volunteers who were assisting the people who were lining up to receive much needed food for Thanksgiving.”

Photo: Tom Neve, Executive Director of Reaching Out Community Services Inc., Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican District Leader of the 49th AD, Dr. Arnaldo A. Ferraro, Chairman/Founder of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, and Frederick J. Martorell, Esq., Republican District Leader 49 AD.

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Lucretia Regina-Potter Announces Candidacy for New York State Assembly in 2010

At a recent meeting of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, 49 AD Republican District Leader, Lucretia Regina-Potter, announced her candidacy for the New York State Assembly.

“As I persevere in my resolve to provide better representation for our community in Albany, in what has been defined as the most dysfunctional legislature in the United States, I am pursuing my personal aspiration to become the first Republican Assemblywoman to be elected, not only in the 49th AD, or in Brooklyn, but also in the entire city of New York. We are tired to see the same person be re-elected every two years without actually taking interest in the real needs of our community. My election to the New York State Assembly will also  be a catalyst for the revival of our beleaguered but beloved Republican Party.

“If we all work together, there should be no reason why we would not be successful. With your support and participation throughout the entire campaign, we will achieve our objective and celebrate our victory!”

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