Lucretia in the N.Y. Post

Posted on February 23rd, 2010


Pro-lifers are pro-Potter                                      

The Right to Life party hasn’t had a place on New York State ballots since 2002. But, that hasn’t stopped the committee of the same name from trying to play a role in local elections.

Most recently, the Right to Life Committee endorsed Lucretia Regina-Potter for Assembly in the 49th Assembly District, represented by Democratic Assemblymember Peter Abbate since 1987.

The committee wrote Regina-Potter last month announcing their support, and calling her, “a tireless advocate for unborn children, the dependent elderly, people with disabilities and all innocent and vulnerable members of the human family who are continually threatened by the current culture.”

The 49th A.D. is arguably one of the most conservative districts in the borough, going for GOP candidate John McCain in 2008, when 70 percent of Brooklyn voters pulled the lever for Democrat Barack Obama.
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