Brooklyn’s Most UnWanted: Peter Abbate

Posted on June 23rd, 2010


Courier Life Publications

June 10. 2010

A recent article published in the Bay News/ Bay Ridge Courier entitled: “Our Official Field Guide To Defeating Incumbents”, lists Peter Abbate as the  Number One Incumbent to Beat.  The article states the obvious and what many constituents of the 49th Assembly District have experienced for the past several years. He has severely neglected his district.  Abatte  has a burgeoning war chest. The bulk of these funds consist of contributions from unions and special interest groups, thus making Abbate beholden to them instead of the hard-working families of the 49th AD.

It is interesting to note that during the last financial disclosure report of January 2010, Abbate received a whopping four donations from individuals, with only two of those four actually from the 49th AD! He is completely apathetic to the needs of the immediate community and the people are well aware of it.

The article also points out that Abbate has been in office 24 years, almost a quarter of a century with the same elected official remaining in the same office! He is the poster boy for term limits. The President of the United States of American is not permitted to remain in office for more than eight years, what justifies Abbate remaining in office for so long? It is definitely not his hard work or his dedication to the betterment of the 49th AD. Instead, Abbate feels that he is entitled to be the Assemblyman.

Mr Abbate has forgotten that he is a public servant.

Mr Abbate has neglected the good, hard-working. well-deserving people of the beautiful 49th Assembly District.

Mr Abbate, the people of the 49th Assembly District have a very important message to send you on November 2, 2010…..





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