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Paterson Vetoes Abbate Bill

Paterson Vetoes Tenure For State Police Positions

From North Country Gazzette

Posted on Wednesday, 16 of June , 2010 at 1:49 pm

ALBANY— No tenure protection for persons holding appointed positions in the New York State Police.Gov. David A. Paterson signed 18 bills into law this week and vetoed one bill, a bill expanding tenure protections to certain persons holding appointed positions within the State Police after such person has held that position for three years.

If passed, the legislation would have granted those assigned or employed as investigators and senior investigators in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation or as a station commander, zone commander, zone sergeant, first sergeant, captain or major within the Division of State Police from removal or other disciplinary action except for removal or other disciplinary action which is founded on the incompetency or misconduct or such employee.

The bill was sponsored in the Assembly by Peter Abbate from District 49—Brooklyn. 

Since 2002, the NYS Troopers PBA has contributed over $13,000 to Abbate’s election campaigns including most recently $2,500 in 2009.


Abbate’s preference to those who contribute heavily to his election campaign fund is nothing new. Abbate’s campaign financial disclosures read like a phone book for special interest groups. Governor Patterson vetoed only this bill. The voters of the 49th Assembly District will veto Abbate in November!

The People Will Decide.

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BROOKLYN, NY — Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican District Leader and candidate for State Assembly from the 49th Assembly District, endorsed 13th Congressional candidate Michael Grimm and United States Senate candidate Joe DioGuardi for the Republican Primary in September at a standing room-only meeting of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization in Bensonhurst Monday evening.

“Conservative independent Republicans have a tough fight in Brooklyn, but our principles will trump politics this year.  I am proud to stand with these two hardworking gentlemen as we work together to bring New York back to the people of our state,” proclaimed Regina-Potter.

Grimm and DioGuardi also announced their endorsements of Regina-Potter for New York State Assembly.

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Abbate Practicing “Voodoo”

Voodoo Ripoffs


Saturday, May 17th 2008, 11:50

It’s long been understood that special interests hold sway in the state Legislature. But it’s now stunningly clear the game is absolutely rigged against taxpayers.

It is now documented that lawmakers not only fail to read the bills they vote on – they don’t write them, either. They let labor unions do that.

And it is established that a union consultant inserted bogus numbers into bills to conceal how much the measures would cost the public.

This shameless abdication of responsibility takes the breath away. And New York City representatives, including Brooklyn Assemblyman Peter Abbate and state Sen. Marty Golden, are among the blameworthy.

This being an election year, public employee unions are pressing the Legislature for pension sweeteners – more than enough to break the bank, according to Gov. Paterson, Mayor Bloomberg and others.

By law, such bills must include cost estimates. But lawmakers let an actuary, who collects tens of thousands of dollars from unions, come up with the numbers. He is Jonathan Schwartz, and he told The New York Times he lowballs estimates, using a method he called “a step above voodoo.”

Analyzing an early retirement plan for members of District Council 37, Schwartz ludicrously found that it would cost New York City nary a penny – when the city’s actuary reliably put the real cost at $88 million a year.

“I got a little carried away,” said Schwartz, a former city official who lost his job after testifying falsely in a pension lawsuit.

Confronted with the fraud, Assembly sponsor Abbate confessed to being a puppet. “They drew up the bill; they went to Jonathan Schwartz,” he said of DC 37. “We assume he comes up with the real number.”

After brushing off the disclosures, Speaker Sheldon Silver said the Assembly would freeze the legislation pending new cost estimates. But, regardless of those estimates, this is not the year to load the city and local governments with new pension costs.

Paterson appears to recognize this truth. He should veto the entire raft of pension legislation for the benefit of taxpayers, who now know why spending is so out of control in New York.


Jennifer Taylor-To sum it up with little explanation, “voodoo” and “witchcraft” explain the economic and social absurdities. Wherever and whenever there is a sense of lack it is manufactured by these sorcerers and to continue down this path it ought not surprise anyone that the weaponry must be a political assault with metaphysical underpinning and this model has been perpetuated against tax-payers for some time. It is totally incompatible with our way of life and the “real” system, but with nothing to compare this homegrown sub-system to, New Yorker were forced to accept it, as a defect of the democratic system. No there is no defect, there is no democratic laws and principles involved, its “voodoo” masked as the “real’ system, plain and simple. It a political-religious con-game

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