A Lack of “Common Sense”

Posted on July 21st, 2010

In his column entitled “Common Sense” which appeared in the July 10, 2010 issue of the Spectator newspaper, Jerry Kassar, the Kings County Conservative Party Chairman, and an employee of NYS Senator Martin Golden, announced the Brooklyn Conservative Party endorsement of my Republican challenger. He also states that my opponent’s “substantial support within the Republican Party organization” is considered “as part of the payback for Potter supporting a Democrat against the Republican candidate for City Council in a special election this past March.”

Obviously, Mr. Kassar conveniently fails to mention that his employer, Marty Golden, refused to endorse the legitimate Republican candidate for the special election city council seat, Jonathan J. Judge, the President of the Brooklyn Young Republicans. Mr. Golden was the first one to endorse a liberal Democrat for that office. Mr. Kassar, along with the Brooklyn Conservative Party followed suit, also endorsing the same liberal Democrat. The LaGuardia Republican Organization had already endorsed Jonathan Judge as the Republican candidate, but through political machinations, Judge was removed from the ballot. It was then that we decided to endorse a true conservative Democrat.

Mr. Kassar also fails to explain why he endorsed a youngster with little or no experience in politics and in the real world; as opposed to a two-time Conservative endorsed candidate that had received 100% of the Conservative Party vote in the past .This is very strange to say the least.

 If this is why the Brooklyn GOP in an “unusual move” removed all Republican inspector appointments from the duly elected 49th AD Republican Leadership, the question begs –Why did the same Republican county not take any measures against Republican Senator Marty Golden for endorsing a Democratic candidate? Doesn’t he deserve a primary as well?

The “substantial support” my challenger has from the county is certainly not the same as the full support from a strong organization such as the LaGuardia Republican Organization in the 49th AD.  The Brooklyn GOP pulls paper candidates from a hat in order to thwart and sabotage legitimate viable Republican candidates from winning seats in Kings County. The no-name Republican candidate put up against Jonathan Judge is in the same category of the no-name Republican candidate put up against my candidacy. I just want to keep the record straight on this matter.

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