Lucretia Lauded By Ed Koch As Hero Of Reform

Posted on September 9th, 2010

In an important part of translating our election year effort into real, legislative reforms, former Mayor Ed Koch held a press conference recently on the steps of City Hall to talk about the importance of Reform and celebrate the commitment to bringing meaningful change to our state government.  All state legislative candidates and incumbents who signed the pledge were invited to attend.

Lucretia Regina-Potter, candidate for the NYS Assembly in the 49th Assembly district attended the event and was warmly received.

Here is her statement regarding legislative reform:

Statement from Lucretia Regina-Potter

Hero of Reform

As the conservative Republican Assembly candidate in the 49th Assembly District, Brooklyn, N.Y., I pledge to uphold the principles of Reform. The dysfunctional legislature in Albany had operated without checks and balances for too long. My opponent is a twenty five year incumbent who is an enemy of Reform. This dysfunctional legislature has broken the backs of the hard-working people who they are supposed to serve and represent with fairness and dignity. Public office is not an entitlement; it is a privilege that must be respected.

A responsible budget is least the legislature can do for its constituents. Many districts, especially the 49th AD have been neglected, overlooked and allowed to deteriorate for the benefit of special interests. No budget should be decided along party lines. The budget should be based on the needs of the people of NY State, especially the education of our children, the growth and stimulus of small business and allowing our senior citizens, who have paid into NY State for decades, to live with dignity and respect.

An independent redistricting committee will serve the needs of many and not the chosen few. If a legislator does his/her job well, then districts need not be redrawn to protect his/her seats; they will be re-elected on their merits alone. For too long self-preservation and self-perpetuation of elected officials has been the norm. It is very difficult for challengers to come in and unseat the incumbents, especially since there is no cap on their campaign war chests, and there are no term limits. Districts need to be redrawn based on geographical location. Neighbors are the only ones who truly know and realize what their neighborhoods need.

The strongest element of Reform is ethics reform. Full disclosure must be made on all outside sources of income and investments. Conflicts of interest have become the norm in the way certain legislators do business. Once again the needs of the populous are overlooked for personal gain. In my opinion, a New York State legislator should be considered a full time job, and all outside sources of income should be divested. All lobbyists should also provide full disclosure, and reveal those who are serving their interests. Transparency is the key. An open book presents the most informed read. The people of the State of New York have suffered long enough and deserve better.


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