All Together Now… New York Government Is Broken! »

Posted on December 8th, 2010

By Celeste Katz

Here’s a stunner: Today’s Quinnipiac Poll finds fully 89% of New Yorkers think their government is broken.

Here’s where it gets slightly messy: About 59% of voters are optimistic about the next four years with Andrew Cuomo as our new governor, but only 45% think he’ll be able to fix that broken government, and 42% say he’ll fail at it.

The state Legislature won’t be any help, say 57% of those polled — and 57% also say Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is part of the problem.

The Q poll also found strong support — 69% — for the idea of an independent commission, not state lawmakers, drawing redistricting lines for members of Congress and the Legislature.

“It’s far from certain that those election-time pledges to make redistricting non-partisanwill stick. But voters heavily favor the idea of having an independent commission – not legislators – draw the political lines for themselves and for Congress,” Quinnipiac’s Mickey Carroll said. “With the state set to lose one or two members of Congress, drawing those lines could be a real bloodbath.”

President Obama also got his lowest approval rating — 48% — from New Yorkers to date.

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