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Assemblyman’s Misdirected “Anger”

Lucretia Regina-Potter

Republican District Leader 49AD

It is with shock and dismay that I read about Assemblyman Abbate’s “anger “at Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor Cathie Black, over what is quoted as a “dastardly” plan to chisel schools out of money they have squirreled away for a rainy day.  It is my understanding that these “rainy day funds” are those that principals, parents, and volunteers have built up in their schools for their schools through hard work and dedicated fundraising efforts and not from the budgetary education department funds. According to the plan the schools can only spend fifty cents on the dollar due to the draconian budget cuts being implemented.

I am surprised because in his over 25 years of tenure in the NYS Assembly, I cannot recollect one time that Peter Abbate has taken an active role in the education of children in the state or our community! Where was his rage and “anger” when three Catholic schools in the 49th Assembly District closed?! Speaking from personal experience, the closing of these three important Catholic schools in the district upset families, created a traumatic upheaval for our children, jeopardized parishes in the community, and contributed to the already overwhelmed public school system.

As a parent I do not welcome cuts in education, especially when they will have an adverse effect on our children. In a case where there are restrictions, painful remedies have to be enacted.  Assemblyman Abbate should have been proactive in preventing thing like this from happening instead of criticizing unappealing but sometimes necessary cuts. After all, he is the chair of the Committee on Governmental Employees. Abbate has hardly sponsored  any bills regarding the education of our children.

Budgetary cuts are prevailing nowadays across our great nation due to the mismanagement and ambivalence of legislators like Peter Abbate who is more interested in being the “unions’ poodle” catering to special interests.  Our children’s education should NEVER be used for political gains or an attempt at sympathetic support from those most vulnerable.  Our precious children, dedicated principals, parents, grandparents, volunteers and staff deserve better from the NYS Legislature and Assemblyman Abbate!

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