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Memorial Day Thanks and Remembrance

Thank you for knowing that I have a place as I wake to a new day, For the right to speak my mind, or kneel quietly to pray… For the dreams I strive to reach, for the love I’m free to give, For the laughter shared with dearest friends, a necessity to live… For the security and peace of mind that all is safe and sound, For growing, sharing, hoping, caring — there’s goodness all around. For all of this, we’re grateful for, whisper soft or loudly sing… Their duty and their sacrifice have let our freedom ring!

Memorial Day is a time for thanks and remembrance.

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Our Lives Are Not Bargaining Chips!

Closing firehouses may be another strategy for politicians to save some money.  This also has to be one of the most despicable and deplorable acts by any politician to accomplish such an objective. It is despicable because it does not take into account the lives of people that may be jeopardized if they are caught in a fire that unfortunately occurs quite often in our city.

As the Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District, I am strongly opposed to such an immoral way of gambling with human lives, especially when one of the twenty proposed selected firehouses slated to be closed serves my community in the 49th Assembly District, notably the “Castle On The Hill” 284, located in Dyker Heights.

Some politicians may use this issue to grandstand and to bring attention to themselves. What we want to see is not talk, letters or blogs written about this issue, but ACTION, so that we will not be deprived of vital and essential services to our community.

Such grandstanding took place with the closure of Victory Memorial Hospital quite recently. Everyone seemed to be on board with keeping the only hospital in our area with emergency services open, and instead it was closed down. The millions needed to keep Victory Memorial Hospital open were conveniently “found” and appropriated to other hospitals in Brooklyn outside of our community.

Our community now has no local hospital and the future of keeping a vital firehouse functioning in our area is in jeopardy. What’s next? The closure of our local police stations and more schools? The removal of Sanitation services? What are our local elected politicians trying to do to us and the community we live in? We are NOT second class citizens and we demand to be treated with the highest respect and concern for our safety and well-being. We pay one of the highest tax rates in the City of New York in our area and we are constantly and consistently getting short-changed!

The message to our local laisser-faire politicians is that our community will NOT accept less than what we are entitled to and rightfully deserve!


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Obama Betrays Israel

President Barack Obama called for a return to the 1967 Israel-Palestine Border that would drastically reduce Israel’s land, which is good news to Hamas and Fatah – two Mideast terrorist organizations that recently joined forces.

The Washington Examiner reports that: “The very creation of the state of Israel is known among Palestinians as the ‘Nakhba,’ which means ‘catastrophe.’”

Obama’s demand that Israel return to its 1967 borders, has made a volatile Middle East even more explosive.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu now faces tougher opposition from Israel’s enemies in the region, because Obama has verbally ended our commitment to our long-standing ally.

Why did Obama verbally cease his support for Israel one day prior to his meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu, and days after Palestinians’ invaded Israeli territory?

Obama verbiage actually harmed Israel by demanding that the Jewish people forfeit all the land they won when attacked by armies of Muslim terrorists in the 1967 Six Day War. This plan would require Israel to cede control of parts of East Jerusalem and exit settlements in the West Bank.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Netanyahu said that Obama went too far, but that Palestinians and Arab diplomats believe that the President didn’t go far enough.

“Obama also challenged Mr. Netanyahu’s position that some Israeli troops might remain in the West Bank to protect Israel’s borders. ‘The full and phased withdrawal of Israeli military forces should be coordinated with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility in a sovereign, nonmilitarized state,’” Obama said.

“Netanyahu rejected Obama’s position, saying a retreat to the 1967 borders would leave segments of Israel’s population outside those lines, and ‘indefensible.’ He also said Washington shouldn’t walk back from Bush’s ‘assurances’ not to force such an agreement upon Israel.”

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