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Happy New Year!

A Happy and Sweet New Year To All!

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Bensonhurst/Bath Beach/Boro Park-Top Safest Neighborhoods

The following is a report from

Bensonhurst/Bath Beach/Boro Park

9th safest for violent crime

7th safest for property crime

62nd precinct / population 181,981

For decades, Bensonhurst lived with the alternating pride and stigma that came with being a virtually all-white enclave within a diverse city. Italian-Americans, mostly, and Jewish residents, lived in the neighborhood’s well-kept bungalows and apartment houses, in the southern end of Brooklyn, far away from higher crime rates in the rest of the borough.

The 1989 killing of black teen Yusuf Hawkins put the neighborhood in the national spotlight, but New Yorkers had long known Bensonhurst as a place where outsiders were not necessarily welcome. Like all cliches, Bensonhurst may have never been exactly what it was made out to be — and it certainly isn’t today. Russians, Asians, Pakistanis and others live side by side with older residents, mostly in harmony. All of those residents enjoy one of the safest neighborhoods in the city.

Bensonhurst, which enjoys low crime rates in almost every category tracked by the NYPD, comes in at No. 4 for per capita crime in’s Crime & Safety Report. There were just 69 major crimes per 10,000 residents in 2010 in the 62nd Precinct, which covers the area.

Murders remained unchanged at seven from 2009 to 2010, and the rates of all property crimes dropped in 2010, placing the neighborhood at No. 7 for this category.

Unlike in some areas, crime has continued its steady decline in the precinct, with major crimes down 77 percent from 1993 to 2010, led by an 82 percent drop in burglaries and a 77 percent decline in robberies. Car theft was down 91 percent in the same period.

Total crime dropped 6 percent between 2009 and 2010. Robberies were down by 15 percent. Shooting incidents, never a major problem here, dropped to just three for the year. One troubling statistic: rapes more than doubled in 2010, from six to 13.

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In unofficial results provided by the New York City Board of Elections, 49th Assembly District incumbent Republican State Committeewoman (District Leader) Lucretia Regina-Potter and her newcomer running mate Michael Bennette have won the hotly contested leadership election in the 49th Assembly District.

In spite of the fierce opposition by the County Organization that had to go to the Appellate Division of the State Supreme court to have their candidate reinstated after their removal from the ballot for insufficient signatures, Lucretia and Michael were able to withstand vicious attacks through hateful and despicable literature mailed all over the district, and malicious telephone calls.

Asked about what she thought was the reason for their victory, Lucretia Regina-Potter replied, “Their obnoxious literature back fired on them. Republican voters in the 49 AD are smarter than our opponents thought. To mention only one of the ridiculous statements in the hateful literature it will suffice to say that it claimed that Michael Bennette and I “praised the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln as a “lawful, patriotic act.” You tell me if such a statement would have been acceptable by the voter. Obviously, it was not and probably people did not read anything behind that point.

What Michael and I want to do is to rebuild our beleaguered Republican Party and to bring it back to the times when it was possible to elect Republican public officials and everyone worked united towards such objective.”

Congratulations Lucretia and Michael!

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