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The Poodle Goes To China

by Lucretia Regina-Potter

In a strange coincidence that makes a person raise her eyebrows, Assemblyman Peter Abbate, otherwise known as “the union’s poodle”, recently took a trip to China. The coincidence is strange because of two related happenings in the same time. One, and perhaps the most important of these coincidences is Mr. Abbate’s acceptance and support for the establishment of an Asian-American District that has been proposed by LAFTOR and that will replace the 49th AD as it is now.

Another reason is his listed expenditure of $2,500.00 to the Asian- American Business Development Center in his January 2012 NYS Board of Elections financial disclosure report for a “business trip”.

If we deeply scrutinize these two developments, one must conclude these were “preventive steps” by Mr. Abbate to prepare and pave the way for his self-perpetuation in office by showing his support to the establishment of such a district in the 49 AD. This new district will take a few years to actually materialize in terms of voting population, just enough time for Peter Abbate to retire and collect his tax exempt hefty pension from the State of New York without any viable challengers from any political party.

This divisive and unethical reapportionment act based solely on ethnic make up of the population should be rejected by those people who have been living in the area as a harmonious community and working together as a group.  It has also been stated apropos of the creation of a similar district in Queens in the “Heard About the Town” Segment of the Feb 1 issue of City & State First Read

* The Asian-American community is happy with the creation of a new Asian-majority state Senate seat in Queens, but has plenty of problems with it.  “It seems, based on the proposal … [it is a] cynical game of trying to pit Asian-American communities against virtually everyone else,” said Bright Limm, president of Korean Americans for Political Advancement, at a rally on the steps of City Hall yesterday. “Yes, it is an Asian-American majority district, but it needs not, and therefore should not, come at the expense of dividing communities that are in the proposed district and other surrounding communities.”

The creation of any district should not come at the expense of dividing communities and especially not for the self preservation of any elected official. Once again, Peter Abbate has underestimated the intelligence, respect, and pride the residents of the current 49AD have for their area, regardless of ethnic population. Peter Abbate has made it his business to give his constituents “the business” once again!

Lucretia Regina-Potter is the Female Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District in Brooklyn, N.Y.  She can be reached at

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