A New Definition of “Unanimous”

Posted on May 17th, 2012

The following letter was written in reference to a Staten Island Advance article by Jillian Jorgensen, entitled: “Brooklyn GOP Endorses Grey For State Senate”:


May 16, 2012

Dear Ms. Jorgensen:

In reference to your May 15, 2012 Staten Island Advance article “Brooklyn GOP Endorses Grey for State Senate”, I wish to clarify some disturbing inaccuracies contained within this article. It is therefore, for the sake of reflecting the real truth of the matter, that I must strenuously point out that the words “unanimous endorsement of Ms. Grey”, by Craig Eaton, current Chairman of the Brooklyn GOP, is inaccurate at best, or can even be considered misleading.

As the duly elected Republican State Committee Members of the 49th AD, neither Michael Bennette nor I, were informed or invited to a meeting where such an important decision was reached. When Mr. Eaton states that the “entire committee” recognized Ms. Grey as a formidable candidate for the 23rd district, he forgot to state that the committee he mentioned did not include the members of the 49th AD. In order to further clarify this contention, I must say that out of the 138 election districts in the 23rd Senate District in Bklyn, 21 election districts are located in the 49th AD, which is equivalent to 15.21% of this Senate District.

As concerned Republicans, we certainly are pleased to see a challenge to the current Democratic incumbent State Senator in the 23rd SD; however we must state that the Republican Leaders of the 49th AD have not been asked, nor have we given any endorsement to any candidate for this Senate seat.


Lucretia Regina-Potter

Republican State Committeewoman -49th AD

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