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Lucretia Regina-Potter Announces Candidacy for 46th Assembly Seat

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Lucretia Regina-Potter Announces Candidacy for 46th Assembly Seat

Lucretia Regina-Potter, the female Republican State Committeewoman (District Leader) of the 49th Assembly District, and Director of Communications of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, who was recently reapportioned to the 46th Assembly District, has announced her candidacy for the NYS Assembly in the new 46th Assembly District.  Mrs. Regina-Potter, who is being challenged by a candidate put up by the Republican leadership of Brooklyn, recently filed specifications of objections against her opponent’s petition signatures.  Although she was able to successfully challenge many signatures of her opponent’s petitions, the NYC Board of Elections, whose members and commissioners are placed for employment by party leaders, found an easy way to dismiss Lucretia Regina-Potter’s specifications of objections, by giving more importance to an obscure and inconsequential technicality over the validity of her opponent’s petition signatures. As a result of this decision, a Primary Election will be held on Thursday, September 13, 2012.

“I welcome such a primary,” stated a beaming Lucretia Regina-Potter, “because I am a new fresh face in the 46th Assembly District! This primary will allow me the opportunity to meet, on a personal basis, many more Republicans in the new 46th Assembly District, as well as keeping in contact with the 900 Republicans who signed my petitions. I feel very optimistic about this challenge, which in ordinary circumstances should have been prevented and avoided by those people who have the responsibility to strengthen the Republican Party instead of creating such divisiveness that weakens the Republican Party in Brooklyn. Nevertheless, over the years I have gotten used to such disruptive and destructive strategy of the Brooklyn GOP, which in the long run, does not help the Republican elected officials of this county. I am looking forward to the support and participation of Republicans throughout the entire campaign, and with their help and support, establish a permanent and independent feminine presence in the 46th Assembly District. Together, we will achieve our objectives and celebrate our victory!”

Lucretia Regina-Potter is a Brooklyn native and a lifelong resident of Bath Beach. She holds a BA from Fordham University, and is a Tile and Stone Design consultant for Bari Tile and Stone in Brooklyn. She and her husband Christopher of twenty two years, have two children, Michael, a junior in college and Amanda, a freshman in high school. Lucretia is also the duly elected female State Committeewoman of the 49th Assembly District and has been active in politics and community affairs for the past several years. Lucretia can be reached at

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