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Lucretia Receives the “Enthusiastic Endorsement” of the New York State Right to Life Committee

August 19, 2012

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Lucretia Regina-Potter, Assembly Candidate for the 46th Assembly District received the “enthusiastic endorsement” of her candidacy from the NYS Right to Life Committee. In a letter sent to Mrs. Regina-Potter by the Committee Chairman and other Committee Directors, they state their support:

“We are pleased to inform you that we enthusiastically endorse your candidacy for the New York State Assembly for the 46th District.

We sincerely appreciate your commitment to defend and protect unborn children, the dependent elderly and those with disabilities at all stages of life. On behalf of the innocent and vulnerable members of the human family, we thank you for your resolve and outspokenness in promoting the sanctity of life at all stages of development.

We believe that your election to the Assembly would be a positive step toward continuing the cultivation of a culture of life. We wish you a successful campaign and look forward to your stand for life in the New York State Assembly.”

Lucretia Regina-Potter graciously accepted this endorsement and stated:“I believe that the endorsement of the NYS Right to Life Committee is welcomed especially by those people with high family values in the 46th Assembly District. I am honored to be the standard bearer of the Right to Life principles for the protection and sanctity of  life!”

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