Lucretia Regina-Potter Receives Official Candidate Status with Independent Petitioning

Posted on August 27th, 2015

After tirelessly working to meet the requirements of the NYS Election Law, Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican District Leader of the 46th Assembly District is the only official candidate for the NYS Assembly in the 46th Assembly District. Lucretia is the candidate on an independent line called the PEOPLE’S CHOICE line. This represents a major accomplishment, and a further demonstration of Regina-Potter’s determination to become the representative of her long-neglected community to the NYS Assembly. Lucretia Regina-Potter is the only candidate running in the Special Elections throughout the entire city of New York to successfully create an independent ballot line.

This opportunity presented itself when the seat became vacant by the abrupt resignation of the Assemblyman Brook-Krasny, and as such, this was an opportunity available to whoever wished to be a candidate in this race. The fact that this possibility was not pursued by any other interested candidates for the 46th Assembly District can be construed as an indication of either the over-confidence of the opponents of Lucretia Regina-Potter in winning the election without such a voting line, or even worse, an indication of the lack of interest of the other candidates to provide the voters with an alternative choice to vote outside established political party lines.

For those who are not familiar with the process of securing an independent line on a ballot, it will suffice to say that signatures are collected among all registered voters, regardless of political party, or non-party affiliation. The securing of this independent line was a great accomplishment for Regina-Potter and her campaign team who were able to collect thousands of valid and verifiable signatures from the registered voters throughout the 46th Assembly District.

The voters in the district have shown confidence in Lucretia’s campaign by helping her create the PEOPLE’S CHOICE ballot line. Voters of ALL political parties can vote for her on this line, and by doing so will help elect Lucretia to become the next Assemblymember of the 46th AD. Lucretia Regina-Potter is expected to receive other political party and elected official endorsements in the near future, making her the most viable candidate to become the next representative from the 46th A.D. in the NYS Assembly.

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