Statement on the November 8 Election from Lucretia Regina-Potter

Posted on November 10th, 2016

Statement on the November 8 Election from Lucretia Regina-Potter

I am very proud to be the ONLY Republican candidate for public office in Brooklyn, with exception of the Republican incumbents, who has received the highest percentage of votes in their respective race. This was achieved despite the hostility and destructive activity of those RINOs and non-Republican mercenaries/operatives whose main objective was, and still is, to keep the Brooklyn Republican Party divided. This is done to perpetuate their lucrative positions, and for them to keep collecting their thirty pieces of soiled silver.

I sincerely hope that under the leadership of our newly elected President Donald Trump, who won in spite of the hostility of the establishment, we will unite not only as a Party, but also as Americans. We need to restore the greatness of our country, and we need to start in our own backyard!

Thank you for your continued support!

Lucretia Regina-Potter



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