Posted on June 24th, 2019

Tuesday, June 25 is Election Day!
Please come out and vote for Eugene Ovsishcher and Lucretia Regina-Potter for Republican State Committee 46AD
These are our fellow Republican County Committee Candidates, listed out in Election Districts.
If you see these names on your ballot, please color in the oval and vote for them:

ED 20/46-vote for both
John Ravalli
Kathleen Ravalli

ED 21/46-vote for both
Klavdiya Gergel
Gersom Shekhtman

ED 22/46-vote for both
Mikhail Stremlin
Eugene Ovsishcher

ED 25/46-vote for both
Alexander Lerner
Svetlana Strakahn

ED 26/46-vote for both
Gennady Lukin
Zogran Aligulu

ED 27/46-vote for both
Larisa Lerner
John T. Emhoff

ED 31/46-vote for both
Danielle Emhoff
John F. Gdula

ED 41/46-vote for both
Evelyn Cox
Carolann Anderson

ED 42/46-vote for both
Lucretia Regina-Potter
Frank A. Gambaro

ED 47/46-vote for three
John Regina
Rita Morano
Rose Zanca

ED 48/46-vote for both
Chrisafo Madimenos
Joan Porcaro

ED 50/46-vote for both
Jean M. Ferraro
Charles J. Coreschi

ED 54/46-vote for both
Katherine Vero
Patricia A. Capuano

ED 55/46-vote for both
Lauren Riccio
Oleg Berman

ED 56/46-vote for both
Karen A. Ferraro
John R. Papagni

ED 57/46-vote for both
Paula Esposito
Vito LaBella

ED 58/46-vote for both
Micheal Gatto
Dolores Piscotta

ED 66/46-vote for both
Anthony J. Regina
Maria DiMaggio

ED 67/46-vote for three
Angelo Bruno
Kathleen Marsala-Cervasio
Domenic Castore

ED 68/46-vote for three
Stella Nobile
Rosemary Gutilla
Amber Iorio

ED 69/46-vote for two
Jean Cassarino
Nina Papagni

ED 70/46-vote for three
Rita Papagni
Vincent Cervasio
Suzanne Iacona

ED 71/46-vote for two
Joanne Gatto
Linda Conti

ED 72/46-vote for one
Alexis Anderson

ED 76/42-vote for two
Francesca Ciulla
Denise LaBella

ED 78/46-vote for two
Emily Catanzaro
Anthony Perrina

ED 79/46-vote for three
Frank Colasuonno
Saveria Virardi
Diane Porcaro

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