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Statement by Eugene Ovsischer Regarding Hate Mailer

Statement by Eugene Ovsischer, Candidate for Republican District Leader 46AD, Regarding Hate Mailer

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June 15, 2019

As a candidate for Male Republican District Leader in the 46 Assembly District, I was very dismayed to see a hateful political mailer with my opponent’s name and photo so prominently featured. I was further disappointed to see that my photo, along with a rainbow flag, crudely denounce the LGBT community, and mock me and ALL who proudly served in the military for our beloved country.

If my opponent, or his supporters, are behind this disturbing piece of political hate mail, then this it is a clear indication that he is not fit to run for this position, and that he prefers to use lies and distortions. While I categorically deny the malicious accusations of being a “Rainbow Warrior”, I do wish to represent all Republicans in our district, regardless of their preferences, and proudly serve as their Republican District Leader.

I would also like to bring to the attention of all Republican voters in the 46 Assembly District that I possess two things that none of my opponents have: First, I proudly served in the Army of the United States of America, and Secondly, I became an American citizen because I wanted to be an American! The lies and hatred in this mailer show prejudice and discrimination against EVERYONE, especially for the immigrants that contribute and serve to make America great.




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Recently a very nasty man wrote some very nasty things about my campaign and candidacy which was published in a local newspaper. My letter below is in response to this man’s constant attacks and sabotage. The link to the nasty column that was written about me can be found at the very bottom. Please copy and paste it if you want to read it because I will not give this man any more attention. Now that many of you know what I am up against, any donation to Lucretia for City Council-43 CD will be greatly appreciated. Please go visit my Facebook page or go to and make a donation today!

I am glad that Jerry Kassar, Brooklyn Conservative Party Chair and chief of staff to State Senator Marty Golden, recognizes me and gave a HUGE spotlight for my political dedication.
Here is the politics101 version of the top reasons why people run for office – 1) because you care about improving your community, 2) you know that your talents and abilities would be applied for the benefit of your constituency, and 3) the taxpayers deserve an honest voice that works for their interests and is accessible.
It is absurd that Jerry Kassar, who has never had the courage to run for office, feels free to judge and criticize anyone who is exercising his or her right to be civically engaged and an agent of change for the community!
While he stresses that I have not succeeded in my attempts for election to the New York State Assembly, Jerry conveniently forgets to mention that it is due to his establishment contingent which vehemently leads the opposition and viciously attacks every one of my political campaigns.
Why so personal, Jerry? It’s like having a stalker who hides in the bushes and does his business (with excitement) while you walk by. Did you notice how I was the most important part of his column last week right after he briefly spoke about the Mayor of New York City! Wow!!
I am the only Republican woman and elected Republican Party official in this City Council race. Contrary to Jerry’s column, I would like to point out that I do win at the polls – I am the Republican district leader in the 46th Assembly District!
District leader is an “unpaid” position, and very dedicated people usually seek this position. I won all of my Republican district leader races, even when I was recently reapportioned out to another district.
My victories are achieved through perseverance, hard work and a fierce determination to help my community in spite of the establishment’s frequent and mean-spirited attempts to defeat me. These Republican leadership victories were bestowed upon me by the hard-working constituents who respect my abilities and share in my enthusiasm for a strong Republican Party.
This year commemorates the 100th anniversary of women receiving the right to vote in New York State. I feel so passionately for suffragettes because I know what it’s like (thanks to Jerry Kassar and his buddies) to be persecuted for “doing the right thing,” and elevating your voice for change.
After 100 years, women have “earned” the right and privilege to create refreshing and innovative opportunities for change, versus more of the same dysfunctional and opportunistic “machine politics.” This is a time to pay tribute to and build up the daughters, wives and mothers of our community with pride and gratitude for women’s contributions to America’s achievements.
I am asking Republican voters to vote for me twice on September 12, once for my re-election as Female Republican State committeewoman (district leader) in the 46th A.D., and again for the Republican nomination for City Council in the 43rd Council District
We are all so tired of politicians who are more concerned about power plays and notoriety than addressing the concerns of the people. I will really listen to you and get things done with my proven track record of commitment and determination.
So far, I must being doing something right to get the establishment so upset.
Lucretia Regina-Potter



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Reform Party State Platform

I am very pleased to announce that I received the official nomination, and will appear on the November 8th ballot as the Reform Party Candidate in the 46 AD Assembly Race. Since this is a new political party, born from the need of the people to take responsibility for their own government and enact desperately needed reforms, the Reform Party principles and platform are listed below. Those that wish to vote, but are disenchanted with the major parties, can take the opportunity to vote on the Reform Party line and have your vote make a difference. Please vote for me on the Bottom of Column 4, on the Assembly line. Send the message that we demand Reform in our dysfunctional New York State government and we want it now!


Reform Party State Platform

Bill Merrell, NYS Chairperson


The Reform Party SUPPORTS fiscal responsibility with accountability.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS fair taxation policies without prejudice or special interest exceptions.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS an “America First” position.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS policies and the belief that healthcare should be managed between the doctor and the patient without government or insurance company intervention in health care decisions and treatment.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS equal access to and accountability for public education.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS legislation and rules across all branches of government that enforces the highest ethical standards and oversight.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS safeguarding our nation’s natural resources balanced with the need for economic development.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS energy independence from foreign sources.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS policies that respect the sovereignty of all nations, support our allies, and is fiscally responsible.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS policies and programs that best guarantee the security of our national borders, safety of our citizens and the economic interests of our country.


The Reform Party SUPPORTS the Principles Established in the United States Constitution, Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence as our guiding principles for the rights of our citizens and defining the scope of our Government.


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