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An Open Letter To All Brooklyn Republican District Leaders


November 2013

An Open Letter To All Republican District Leaders

Now that the annihilation of the Kings County Republican Party is only one elected official away from being completed, we must regroup and strategize an effective way to prevent such an annihilation in becoming a fait accompli. We must assure that a united effort will return the status of our party to the days when the Republican Party was able to elect public officials and judges.

We must face the future with an eye on the recent past with learning and understanding.

Dissidence and disagreements have for too long been a part of our political activities within our Party. Fears and destructive internal battles have cursed the Republican Party in Brooklyn into becoming what it is nowadays.

We strongly urge that the leaders of both sides of the two factions partitioning the Republican Party in Brooklyn to lay down their swords and turn to a more peaceful solution for their adversarial actions. Most of all we urge all those Republican District Leaders in Brooklyn, who have dedicated themselves to enhance our party and who are the real backbone of our countywide organization, to exercise their rights as Leaders through the process of selecting and electing those who our party represents and who our elected officials should be.

Only through a unified effort of the true loyal and dedicated Republicans who have no ulterior motives in mind, nor are interested in protecting a private or personal interest, will the catalyst for change become viable.

We ask our fellow leaders to join with us to improve our prospects for the Brooklyn Republican future with dedication, hard work and by sharing the responsibility of choosing and supporting candidates for all public office and judiciary that run in their district.

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Statement From Lucretia Regina-Potter In Response To Kings County GOP Letter

The following statement is in response to a letter sent by the Kings County GOP. The letter is posted in its entirety after the statement.

May 30th, 2010

Statement from Lucretia Regina-Potter, Republican District Leader 49AD, Assembly Candidate 49 AD

As the duly elected and official Republican District Leader of the 49th Assembly District, I take exception to the recent letter sent by Craig Eaton, to all the Republican Election Inspectors and Coordinators on the 49th AD. The letter, which can be interpreted as an attempt to coerce the loyal and experienced Republican Inspectors who are also members of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, into abandoning their club and fill out Inspector applications distributed by Craig Eaton’s minions and fierce enemies of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization.

I also take offense and reject the poisonous venom spewed by Clorinda Annarumo, the leader of the 46th Assembly District, whose son recently received a job at the Board of elections from Craig Eaton, accusing me and the leadership of this organization of standing in opposition to Craig Eaton and his dictatorial methods.

This is a well orchestrated act under the direction of the chief puppeteer Eaton, in avoidance of what would have been his obligation and best interests to the Republican Party, to undermine my candidacy to the NYS Assembly.

It seems that he, and his minions in the county have no interest in supporting true viable dedicated and dynamic Republican candidates, This has been proven previously in the recent Special Election of the 44th CD race, when the true Republican candidate, not only was refused the endorsement of the party, but the county went on to endorse a Republican candidate of no consequence and certainly not a match for the Democratic candidate, who had been endorsed by State Senator Marty Golden previously.

Their reluctance to ever support my candidacy is a further indication that the county would rather have a Democratic Assemblyman representing the 49th AD.  The Kings County Republican Party has targeted our loyal Republicans in the 49th AD and my candidacy to the NYS Assembly with hostility and envy because we always deliver the highest number of votes and collect more signatures that any other Republican club in Brooklyn. The efficiency of our club is looked upon with disdain and resentment and our results have yet to be equaled.

In the best interests of the Republican Party I have always taken the high road and kept our conflicts and disagreements with Craig Eaton within the Party. Now that Eaton has chosen to openly attack our club and its leadership, I believe that it now my obligation and responsibility to answer back by stating the true version of the facts and not self-serving, fictitious tales.

I will continue to protect the best interests of the Republican Party in the Assembly District that I have represented for two consecutive terms as District Leader, and I will continue my campaign for the election of the first Republican woman to the NYS Assembly from the 49AD.

Letter from Kings County GOP:



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An Open Letter to all Devout Catholics

Two years ago Pope Benedict XVI in one of his encyclicals stated that one of the functions of the Church is to encourage the faithful to participate in political activities “freely and responsibly”.

As a consequence of that, Edward Cardinal Egan and the Catholic Conference of New York State issued a voters’ guide indicating how candidates for public office and the legislature stand on issues of interest to the church such as ABORTION, GAY MARRIAGES, TAXES, EDUCATION TAX CREDIT, JOB OPPORTUNITIES and other social issues.

Now Cardinal Egan is taking a strong position on the issue of ABORTION by chastising a very popular politician Rudy Giuliani, a well known supporter of abortion, for taking the Eucharist during the New York visit of the Pope.

“The Catholic Church clearly teaches that abortion is a grave offense against the will of God,” said Cardinal Egan.  “Throughout my years as archbishop of New York, I have repeated this teaching in sermons, articles, addresses and interviews without hesitation or compromise of any kind.” This message is very clear and all of you should remember it when you vote! All those politicians that support ABORTION, whether Republicans or Democrats, should not be allowed to receive the Eucharist in our Churches!

Remember that when you vote on November 4, 2008! My opponent, Peter Abbate, is a supporter of ABORTION!

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