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Lucretia Regina-Potter

Republican State Committeewoman


Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum

Republican State Committeeman

Vote Tuesday September 10, 2013

Republican Primary Day

Vote For Proven Republican Leadership!

Vote For Lucretia & Marcus!

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Candidates Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus A. Nussbaum Praised by Community Leaders

News Release

For Immediate Release:

May 19, 2013

Community Comes Out for Republican District Leader Candidates in the 46th Assembly District

Candidates Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus A. Nussbaum

Praised by Community Leaders

District Leader candidates Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus A. Nussbaum, running in the 46th Assembly District, were praised by community leaders at an event Thursday evening in a local Brighton Beach Restaurant.

Supporters cheered as former Brooklyn Republican Assemblyman Arnaldo A. Ferraro highlighted the community experience and integrity of the Regina-Potter/Nussbaum team, with many Brooklyn Republican representatives from several organizations and activists in attendance supporting them.

Marcus Aurelius Nussbaum, the son and grandson of Eastern European immigrants is also a military veteran with a Bronze Star Medal for saving lives during the 2003 Iraq War. He is now a practicing attorney with the skills and background to serve our community. Marcus is involved in various community organizations and public service non-profits including the Holocaust Memorial Committee and Bay People Inc., both located in Sheepshead Bay, the International B’nai Zion Foundation, and the Russian American Chamber of Commerce. Nussbaum provides legal representation for these organizations on a pro bono basis. He has also shown his support for various associations of World War II Veterans.

“I am a public servant at heart…this is the reason that I decided to join the military and serve my country. I believe that it is my duty to use my skills and abilities to help those who cannot help themselves, and it is my goal to make tangible improvements in the quality of life for the members of our community. It is this measuring stick of tangible improvements that I will use to gauge my effectiveness and competency as an elected Republican Party official, “Nussbaum stated.

Lucretia Regina-Potter, who is currently the Republican District Leader in the 49th Assembly District, was born and raised in Brooklyn. She is the daughter of Italian immigrants and is married with two children. She attended Bishop Kearney High School and Fordham University where she received a B.A. degree. Lucretia is a Design Consultant at Bari Tile and Stone in Brooklyn. She is a member of many business executive and local community groups and supports several local youth soccer and athletic programs. Lucretia is also involved in her childrens’ school associations, and volunteers for many school functions. She is a very active, concerned mother and visible member of the community. Lucretia believes in traditional family values and that our community is home sweet home.

Politically, Lucretia is currently a member of the Executive Committee and Director of Communications of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Kings County Republican Party, a sustaining member of the Republican National Committee and the National Federation of Republican Women. Regina-Potter’s district has been partially moved to the 46th AD as a result of the 2012 redistricting.

“I grew up in Brooklyn, and still enjoy the beaches, the shopping, and the hometown feel of our area. Brooklyn is the best county in the nation with the best people and it deserves the very best leadership! People who are raised in a community such as ours know what our neighborhood concerns are. As a Republican Leader, I have the experience and knowhow to deal with many issues concerning our quality of life. I am dedicated to the concerns of our families, neighborhood improvement, and helping the small business owner who is the backbone of any community. A victory for our Republican Leadership Team in the 46th Assembly District will be a victory for all the residents of our community,” Lucretia Regina-Potter said.

Nussbaum and Regina-Potter are candidates in the September 10th Republican Primary for District Leader. The district includes Coney Island and parts of Brighton Beach, Bath Beach, Bensonhurst, Dyker Heights, and Bay Ridge.

Photo Caption: Candidates for District Leader of the 46th Assembly District, (L-R) Lucretia Regina-Potter and Marcus A. Nussbaum, taking a break from greeting supporters at Thursday evening’s community event.

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Remembering Angelo Arculeo: A Great Republican Leader

By: Lucretia Regina-Potter

Communications Director FLGRO

Republican District Leader 49AD

As a Republican District Leader in Brooklyn for the past several years, I have learned of the history of the Republican Party in Brooklyn and the people that helped develop and shape its past firsthand. I am fortunate enough to learn of many prominent Brooklyn Republicans from someone who has had the honor and privilege of working with many great Brooklyn Republicans, the Founder and Chairman of the Fiorello LaGuardia Republican Organization, and former Republican Assemblyman 49AD, Dr. Arnaldo A. Ferraro. It is with much sadness that we learned of the passing of Angelo Arculeo, former Republican Minority Leader of the City Council and District Leader of the old 49th AD and recall him with fond memories.

Dr. Ferraro recounts his memories of Mr. Arculeo:

“I met Angelo for the first time while he was the Minority Leader if the NYC Council in the early 1980’s,  and later when he was the Republican Leader of the 49Ad Republican Club around 1984 when I was looking to run for the Assembly seat in that area. He and his co-leader Esther Gardella, who also passed away some time ago, were instrumental in taking back the 49AD for the Republican Party which had previously been lost to Louis Freda, a Democrat, in an open-seat race. Freda defeated Robert DiCarlo Jr., the son of the esteemed and long time Assemblyman Dominick DiCarlo who resigned and vacated his Assembly seat to become Assistant Secretary of State to President Ronald Regan, and later became a Federal Judge. Dominick DiCarlo Sr. had hoped his son would win his seat and was deeply disappointed with him loosing to a relatively unknown Democrat.

Angelo Arculeo campaigned very actively with me and introduced me to many groups in the area that he knew of from being a Councilman and a District Leader. Angelo was popular and well respected in     Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Bensonhurst, and the Bath Beach area, which in the past constituted the old 49th AD, a much more contiguous geographical area at that time. The 49th was then split into four current Assembly Districts: 46, 49, 47, and the 63rd Ads. As the Male and Female District Leaders of one of the most powerful Republican clubs in Brooklyn at that time, when the election of viable Republican candidates was a top priority and Republican unity was proven to be a powerful political force in Brooklyn, Angelo and Esther worked very hard in fulfilling their duties. Because of their hard work, I was able to defeat Louis Freda, an incumbent Democrat, and take back the Assembly seat for the Republican Party in the 49th AD. I am truly grateful to have known such a good man and consider him a great leader of the Brooklyn Republican Party”

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