As your representative, you need to know where I stand and be confident that I mean what I say, something that our current Assemblyman, Peter Abbate, doesn’t do very well.

Lucretia is fighting for legislation that will provide for:

  • NO NEW TAXES or fees of any kind.
  • HELPING SMALL BUSINESSES by providing tax incentives and lowering regulation burdens.
  • NEIGHBORHOOD IMPROVEMENT Better and immediate Quality-of-Life services to the community.
  • RESPONSIBLE LAW ENFORCEMENT Civil confinement for dangerous sex offenders after their prison term ends.
  • AFFORDABLE EDUCATION A fair and equitable education tax credit for parents of school age children in public, private and parochial schools. School Choice.
  • No raises for State Legislators until the state budget is passed on time
  • Less “pork barrel” spending, and none whatsoever outside of our district
  • RIGHT TO LIFE No use of public funds for abortion.
  • Affordable Healthcare
  • Bring the “bacon” back to our community.